Antigua beaches / Fuerteventura Beaches

Caleta de Fuste is the highest developed resort in Antigua, a feature substantiated both in terms of nightlife and shopping opportunities available in this resort. Consequently, one should always expect to find Caleta de Fuste has the finest beaches in Antigua.

Caleta de Fuste

Windy, calm waters, sandy, highly developed (accessible by bus, sleeping venues, restaurants, shopping area, showers, baths, lounge chairs, facilities for the disabled); it is the largest beach in Antigua.

Pozo Negro

Windy, mild waves, sandy and pebbly, incipiently developed (restaurants).

El Muellito

Moderate winds, calm waters, sandy and somewhat pebbly, incipiently developed (washrooms, restaurants).

Attractions in Fuerteventura


Capital of the namesake municipality, Antigua attracts by certain unique specific elements. The historic and cultural heritage of Antigua is worth noting.



Diving is one of the most popular water sports in Fuerteventura. Most major resorts host diving centers able to introduce tourist in the deep Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura Museums and Galleries

Surprisingly, Fuerteventura is more than its 200 km of beaches. The Fuerteventura museums and galleries provide a different understanding of the island.