Church of Nuestra Senora de Antigua / Fuerteventura Religious Edifices

The Church of Nuestra Senora de Antigua is located, just as the name suggests, in the municipality of Antigua. It was not until the 18th century that this church was built as a project of enlargement of a preexisting religious edifice dating back to the 16th century. The church is not widely spectacular, but its picturesque presence blends in perfectly in the character of the place. In addition, it is one of the most notable attractions in Antigua.

Attractions in Fuerteventura


Capital of the namesake municipality, Antigua attracts by certain unique specific elements. The historic and cultural heritage of Antigua is worth noting.


Puerto del Rosario

Puerto del Rosario is the capital of Fuerteventura. It is located only 5 kilometers from the Airport, and it is the infrastructural hub of the island.


Church of Nuestra Senora de Antigua

The Church of Nuestra Senora de Antigua is one of the several tourist attractions in Antigua. The venue is worth visiting due to its historic value.