Church of Nuestra Senora de Regla / Fuerteventura Religious Edifices

Located in Pajara, the Church of Nuestra Senora de Regla was built in the late 17th century. It was long under the administrative dominion of the Church of Santa Maria de Betancuria.

Attractions in Fuerteventura

From Fuerteventura to Lanzarote

Daytrips from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote are always worth making. The Timanfaya National Park is one of the chief attractions on the island of Lanzarote.



Fishing has always been a way of life in Fuerteventura. Nowadays it is a favorite sports activity enthusiasts can always resort to once in Fuerteventura.


Salt Museum

Antigua is not the most popular destination in Fuerteventura. However, the Salt Museum is a must-visit, given it represents a highly instructive experience