Church of Santa Maria de Betancuria / Fuerteventura Religious Edifices

The Church of Santa Maria de Betancuria was originally built in a Gothic style in the early 15th century. The subsequent reconstruction and restoration works led to a rather mixed structure combining Mudejar, Renaissance and Baroque elements. The edifice has had a rather troubled historic trajectory, being destroyed around the 16th century, a situation which resulted in the decision of restoring it. The nowadays church is the direct consequence of those works. It is located nearby the Museum of Sacred Art of Betancuria. The church is opened to visitors from 10am to 16pm.

Attractions in Fuerteventura

Unamuno Museum

Puerto del Rosario is not, as a rule, the favorite destination of tourists visiting Fuerteventura. But the Unamuno Museum surely enhances its tourist worth


Museum of Traditional Fishing

Fishing is one of the top sports tourists can indulge in while in Fuerteventura. The Museum of Traditional Fishing shows the pristine side of this activity


Puerto del Rosario beaches

Puerto del Rosario has fewer beaches than other municipalities. However, the Puerto del Rosario beaches benefit from being located close to the Airport.