Museums and Galleries

Alcogida Eco-Museum

Fuerteventura is big enough to host all sorts of peculiar attractions. The Alcogida Eco-Museum in Puerto del Rosario is a must-visit in this respect.


Archeology Museum

Betancuria features the largest amount of cultural and historic heritage in Fuerteventura. The Archeology Museum is one of the edifices of its patrimony.


Betancuria Museum

The Betancuria Museum complements the attraction hotspot of the city. Visiting this museum is a chance to discover the traces of the past of Betancuria.


Casa Mane Art Center

The Casa Mane Art Center is one of the few art galleries in Fuerteventura. Located in La Oliva, this gallery enhances the tourist rating of La Oliva.


Craft Center of the Antigua Mill

Mills are the closest thing to the idea of symbol of traditional Fuerteventura. The Craft Center of the Antigua Mill capitalizes such a historic reference.


Cueva del Llano Museum

The Cueva del Llano Museum is one of the few opportunities in Fuerteventura of geologically exploring the island. Visitors are offered guided tours.