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The Museum of Traditional Fishing (Museo de la Pesca Tradicional) is yet another venue providing a fine insight into this centuries old activity of the locals of Fuerteventura, that is, fishing. The museum is hosted by the lighthouse in El Cotillo.

Museum of Traditional Fishing (Museo de la Pesca Tradicional)
El Cotillo, La Oliva, Fuerteventura, Spain

Attractions in Fuerteventura


Capital of the namesake municipality, Antigua attracts by certain unique specific elements. The historic and cultural heritage of Antigua is worth noting.


Morro Jable

Morro Jable is a highly popular resort in Fuerteventura. It is a top destination for German tourists and the southernmost spot on the island.


Museum of Sacred Art

Unlike most other spots in Fuerteventura, Betancuria appeals by its cultural and historic heritage. The Museum of Sacred Art pertains to its patrimony.