Caleta de Fuste / Top Destinations

Sometimes also referred to as Costa Caleta and El Castillo, Caleta de Fuste is the most significant resort in the municipality of Antigua, and definitely one of the first 3 or 4 most popular destinations in Fuerteventura. There is only a short 8-kilometer distance between the Airport and the resort, which is always convenient to envisage.

Next to Corralejo and Morro Jable, Caleta de Fuste tops the bill in terms of nightlife opportunities in Fuerteventura. The particularity of nocturnal leisure in Caleta de Fuste refers to its rather strangely quiescent dash, as compared to the other two said resorts. As it is the case with Corralejo and Morro Jable, the nightlife venues in Caleta de Fuste are clustered around the main commercial areas of the resort.

Speaking about shopping, Centro Comercial Atlantico is where large scale commercial satisfactions can be catered in Caleta de Fuste. This shopping center is one of the most notable in the entire Fuerteventura.

Antigua does not excel in beaches, at least extensively speaking, as La Oliva and Pajara do. But the beach pertaining to Caleta de Fuste is held in great respect by visitors of Fuerteventura. Indeed, the venue is highly developed as to the degree of anthropogenic facilities. At the same time, this beach is the largest in Antigua.

Bike rental is available in Caleta de Fuste, just as motorbike and car rental is. This is a wholesome basis for all tourists who want to discover Fuerteventura at their own pace, but at the same time it mirrors the popularity of the resort.

Furthermore, the success of Caleta de Fuste is reflected by the fact the most reputed golf club and course in Fuerteventura is located in this resort. We speak of the Golf Club Fuerteventura. In addition, ski jet is also possible in Caleta de Fuste. The resort is a port too, where yachts, mostly, anchor. This means Caleta de Fuste is excellent as starting point for island hopping.

But the most relevant fact about Caleta de Fuste as holiday destination is it is home to two of the four luxury hotels in Fuerteventura. This is a matter of no little importance, at least as travelers who don’t mind about their budget limits are concerned. Hotel Elba Palace Golf and Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa Resort are the venues referred to above, and they have excellent infrastructural connections and administrative relations with Golf Club Fuerteventura.

Like all the other successful resorts on the island, Caleta de Fuste too has a tourist information office able to guide both newcomers and usual visitors, and to familiarize them with the whereabouts and the like of the main tourist opportunities in Caleta de Fuste.

Attractions in Fuerteventura

Los Molinos Center

Agriculture and milling have long been traditional activities of the locals of Fuerteventura. The Los Molinos Center proves this statement as to milling.


Archeology Museum

Betancuria features the largest amount of cultural and historic heritage in Fuerteventura. The Archeology Museum is one of the edifices of its patrimony.


Unamuno Museum

Puerto del Rosario is not, as a rule, the favorite destination of tourists visiting Fuerteventura. But the Unamuno Museum surely enhances its tourist worth