Morro Jable / Top Destinations

Morro Jable is, coincidentally, the southernmost point of Fuerteventura. It pertains to the municipality of Pajara, and it is the place where German tourists gather here most prominently. Morro Jable is located some 80 kilometers from Fuerteventura Airport.

Some of the liveliest nightlife opportunities in Fuerteventura are yielded by Morro Jable. The venues meeting tourists’ nocturnal leisure needs are chiefly clustered around Centro Comercial de Jandia and Plazoleta de Cirilo.

Speaking about shopping centers, tourists should remember Morro Jable is the most rewarding resort in Pajara in this respect, with a wealth of shopping venues selling a spectacularly miscellaneous range of products. A weekly market, namely, Mercadillo de Morro Jable, is held here each Thursday, but one can always head for the nearby La Lajita and explore the offers occasioned by Mercado Agricola, Gastronomico y Artesanal, held here each Sunday and hosted by La Lajita Oasis Park.

Morro Jable does not have the most spectacular beaches in Pajara, but its surroundings are replete with such bathing venues complying with all sorts of tastes, ranging from the penchant for seclusion and pristine nature to the taste for highly developed stretches of sand in terms of anthropogenic comforts and facilities. Nudism is also intensely practiced in Pajara, though not as extensively as in La Oliva.

Plenty of sports activities are possible in Morro Jable, ranging from golf (though Jandia Golf Course is yet to be opened) to diving, surfing, fishing, sailing and ski jet. Thus, a stay in Morro Jable is highly likely to be fairly dynamic. Furthermore, the diving spots around this part of Fuerteventura are famous for their underwater richness and spectacular features.

The popularity of the resort is mirrored by the fact some 8 car rental companies are located here, giving Morro Jable the rightful status of excellent basis for exploring the entire island of Fuerteventura.

Morro Jable is not so much about visiting museums and galleries, though Punta de Jandia Lighthouse is located relatively close to this resort. Visiting this structure might prove to be pretty rewarding.

A notable attraction in the surroundings of Morro Jable is La Lajita Oasis Park. The park is, indeed, a gem of the entire Fuerteventura, and its proximity to Morro Jable is a definite closer for planning a stay in the southernmost resort on the island.

Speaking about the surroundings, tourists may vary their stay in Morro Jable with a boat trip to Gran Canaria, since Morro Jable is the place from where the vessels operated by Trasmediterranea depart and head for the miniature continent of Spain, as Gran Canaria is commonly dubbed. Morro Jable is, next to Puerto del Rosario, a significant port of Fuerteventura. Costa Calma, another top resort in Fuertventura, shares with Morro Jable the appertaining to the same municipality, namely, Pajara.

In view of meeting the needs of newcomers, Morro Jable also benefits from the presence of a tourist information office.

Attractions in Fuerteventura

Casa Mane Art Center

The Casa Mane Art Center is one of the few art galleries in Fuerteventura. Located in La Oliva, this gallery enhances the tourist rating of La Oliva.


Horse riding

Horse riding might seem a little surprising in Fuerteventura. Yet, tourists should know searching out the island on horseback is a rewarding experience.


La Lajita Oasis Park

The camel farm and camel safari are some of the highlights of La Lajita Oasis Park. The park is located close to Costa Calma and Morro Jable, in Pajara.